The Changing Mobility Technology and Growing Face of India in the Global Business Scenario

In the rapidly evolving world of mobility technology, the role of after-sales service has become increasingly important. In the FY 22/23, India’s real GDP expanded at an estimated 6.9%. The top 5 GDP countries in the world are US, China, Japan, Germany and India, respectively hold those positions in 2023.
With India emerging as a major player in the global business landscape, companies need to understand the importance of providing excellent after-sales service to their customers.
For companies operating in India, the need for excellent after-sales service is even more strong. With India witnessing rapid economic growth and its citizens becoming more technologically smart, the market presents immense opportunities for businesses.
In order to tap into this potential, ServeX Plus, with its robust network of qualified service partners, is revolutionizing the after-sales service ecosystem in India, bringing smiles to millions of customers.

ServeXplus CEO Mr. Vivek Gupta, recently participated in a panel discussion with the Mobility India conclave in conjunction with the topic of Changing Mobility Technology and Growing Face of India in Global business Scenario. According to Mr. Vivek Gupta’s remarks, “Technology has improved the overall customer experience at the service center. this has helped the brand to gain overall success. ServeXplus has brought this change through their service centers Now everything is possible through a simple click of the mouse”.
According to Mr. Vivek Gupta, providing excellent after-sales service can help to build brand loyalty and enhance customer satisfaction. By going above and beyond to meet the needs of customers, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and create a positive brand image. This in turn can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing.
After-sales service is an essential component in the changing landscape of India’s mobility technology sector and the growing face of the country in the global business arena.

Vivek Gupta, our Customer Custodian and Founder at the Mobility panel discussion, highlighted the significant role that technology has played in after-sales service. At ServeX Plus, we have leveraged our fantastic CRM ‘SUVIDHA’ to achieve several goals for brands across our extensive network of service partners across India.

Through ‘Suvidha’, we have streamlined and enhanced after-sales service processes to ensure a seamless customer experience. This includes,

Improving Service Quality
Increasing Efficiency
Saving Costs
Optimizing Processes
Improving Scalability
Offering New Services
Enhancing Reputation
Increasing Customer Satisfaction

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