Installation and Breakfix Services

Installing Credibility:

We provide our valued partners with technicians for a wide range of solutions. You can label our services as your own to create a seamless experience for the end user. Our contracted technicians are experienced, highly trained and follow a well-vetted scope of work which is created with your assistance and input from your customer. In order to get the best from your electrical and electronic appliances it is always advised to have them installed properly by a trained and approved engineer. This can also reduce the chance of any faults occurring plus ensure your warranty is not invalidated. We offer a wide range of installation services across all of the product ranges we cover. These range from unboxing and setting up a new SMART TV or Air Conditioner to connecting up a new washing machine or Microwave. Our engineers are also fully trained and qualified to wall mount TVs and safely install Air Conditioners. Our Team of technicians are designed to deliver the vital resources, expertise, and tools needed to quickly and efficiently implement installation and breakdown services

Breakdown Services:

Our members are authorised to carry out repairs both in and out of warranty for many brands of Consumer Electronics and Domestic Appliances. Certain product types such as Audio Equipment are repaired at specialist central location at Delhi In these cases the team will contact you to arrange a drop of the product at the nearest service centre collection of your product.

Under Warranty

    • All repairs carried out on products within the manufacturers’ warranty are subject to their Terms & Conditions.
    • In general, physical damage is not covered so any work carried out for this type of issue may incur a charge.
    • Some form of Proof of Purchase is also required to confirm the warranty’s validity.

Out of Warranty

    • If your product is not covered by any form of warranty, in most cases we are still able to carry out a repair.
    • It is quite often more cost effective to have a product repaired rather than replace it, particularly if it is less than 5 years old.
    • The engineer will always provide an estimate if the cost is going to exceed the standard inspection fee.
    • As all of our Service Centres are approved by the manufacturers, we are able to source spare parts directly, hence helping to keep the overall cost of the repair to a minimum.
    • If you wish for an engineer to call to your home there will generally be a labour fee.
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