Refurbishment Services

The refurbishment services that we have will reduce the costs of repairs and replacements for our partners in retail and with the insurance companies. After replacing the worn-out components in phones, tablets, or smartwatches with original parts, we wipe clean the personal data according to the prescribed standards. Later, the device goes through advanced polishing / buffing and is ready to be re-sold or used as a replacement in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Our mobile phone refurbishment solutions help in reducing costs for mobile device customers and contribute to advances in sustainability. The Engineers at ServeXplus follow all the prescribed and laid down integrated quality management and environmental processes thereby ensuring responsible handling of materials for reuse or recycling when that is possible, and for proper dismantling and disposal when it is not. Refurbished devices are gaining popularity in the market, resulting in an ever-increasing consumer base from all the segments – individuals, businesses and other organizations. As we support a Circular Economy, ServeXplus specializes in enhancing the value of assets in the reuse and resale pertaining to devices. Increasingly, repair and refurbishment services are becoming economically more attractive, as they extend the life of returned equipment, provide like-new devices and enable customers to avoid new purchases thereby contributing to the circular economy.
    • Through Asset Recovery
    • Through Retailers / e-commerce chains
    • Through Brands / OEMs
    • Process of refurbishment
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